The work of private detectives, an essential preliminary step in lawsuits for Industrial Property infringements

Industrial Property infringements represent a global problem that in Spain alone destroys around 45,000 jobs and that especially affects the sectors of clothing and accessories, footwear, electronic devices and hygiene and cosmetic products, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior. .

Industrial design, trademark infringement or the use of copyright, intangible assets that can be marketed, are usually at the center of many of the most common rights violation processes in this field.

Taking into account that Industrial and Intellectual Property rights have an exclusive nature and that they allow their owner to resort to the courts regarding their use by third parties without their express consent, for which it is necessary to demonstrate the infringement committed in the market at the time of presenting the corresponding demand, private investigation is emerging as essential, since the work carried out by detectives, consisting, among other things, of carrying out preventive controls, continuous monitoring, tracking of evidence, Gathering evidence through the acquisition of products or visits to premises and establishments will play a decisive role in guaranteeing the success of the judicial process.

In short, close collaboration between private detectives and lawyers is today the best solution to combat this type of infractions.

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