We design services and precise solutions to solve your problem with solvency and dedication. We investigate by analyzing your need, providing efficiency, wisdom, skill and knowledge.

Applied intelligence

We provide the information and suitable tests to solve critical situations that are generating interference in the Company.

What assumptions are we referring to?

Unfair competition from its managers

Doubts about the incorporation of a manager

Management reputational analysis

Competitor analysis

Market analysis in Latin America

Analysis of future business relationships

Identification of high-risk personnel in your organization

Prevent, detect and neutralize external aggressions

Corporate research

We help companies to choose the correct answer to the dilemma raised.

We can help you in:

Implementation of plans to eradicate absenteeism

Control of the commercial network and technicians who carry out their activity externally

Misuse of union hours

Pre-hiring reports

Internal investigations into corrupt practices

Implementation of the shrinkage control plan

Location of assets and goods

Protection of industrial and intellectual property

Research on franchisees

Trademark and Patent Research

Identification of routes of counterfeits and sale of products and those responsible

Control of commercial distributors

Investigation on industrial espionage

Identification of beneficial ownership of the companies

Breach of professional secrecy

Economic and financial reports

Reputational due diligence

Investigation of infractions and complaints of the company’s ethical channel

Negligent practice in the purchasing department

Digital research

We put at your disposal our experience and professional technical capacity.

Our cyber surveillance department made up of computer engineers is the perfect complement to offer the solution in certain investigations.

What do we investigate?

Profile of a digital identity

Obtaining information on social networks

Carding, phishing y malware

Malicious actor analysis

Reputational analysis of managers

Reputational crisis of the Company

Brand impersonation

Company and brand misinformation campaigns

Computer expert report to be used in legal proceedings

Technical investigations

1.- What is an electronic sweep service?

The Electronic Sweeping service, or Technical Investigation of Electronic Countermeasures, consists of the use of different techniques, equipment and procedures, as well as knowledge of offensive equipment intended to capture information, for the detection of transmitter interception activities in any way of working or installation place.

The objective is the detection of microphones and recording devices that threaten the confidentiality of your meetings and private conversations. The most frequent services within the technical investigations of countermeasures are the following:

Electronic sweep services

Technical inspection, applying the necessary processes to detect listening devices or hidden information capture.

Electronic sweep of vehicles

Inspection of vehicles aimed at detecting both emitters (microphones, hidden GPS, cameras…) and non-emitter devices (recorders, route sensors…) – Intended to ensure maximum confidentiality during meetings of partners, shareholders, managers…

Prevention of eavesdropping prior to meetings Electronic scanning services developed prior to the moment in which a meeting with high confidentiality needs will take place.

Meeting monitoring Analysis of emissions carried out in real time during highly confidential meetings

Configuration of safe rooms

We design safe meeting rooms, in which the necessary materials and devices are installed to increase the safety of the room.

2.- Installation of hidden cameras and forensic viewing.

To obtain the necessary evidence and the authorship of facts to go to court in your case.

Compliance support

Companies are obliged to establish control measures to prevent and investigate illicit types that they may commit within their organization, since every legal person will be held criminally liable.


In accordance with Law 5/2014, of April 4, on Private Security, Private Detective Offices are the legitimate subjects to obtain and provide information and evidence that may lead to a resolution in investigations, and these can be applied to «Corporate Compliance».


We are specialized in supporting “Compliance” Investigations.

To prevent risks and for the correct application of a culture of respect for the Law, ZENIT DETECTIVES PRIVADOS helps you to verify the people with whom it works, the companies with which it does business, investigate the possible incidents detected and verify the complaints received in your company through the ethical channel or complaints.

How are we useful?

Verification of candidates

Verification of directors

Verification of suppliers and customers

Verification of investors and partners

Analysis and investigation of infractions and complaints, checking their veracity

Application of private investigation to risk ties of relatives of Executives and employees

Application of private investigation to potential risk antecedents of Executives and employees

Due diligence of regulatory compliance of suppliers

Identification of clients and their activity for their obligation to the company

Verification of internal risk control programs

Support to litigation

Correct choice that brings peace of mind.

ZENIT DETECTIVES PRIVADOS is the perfect companion for the Lawyer.


We have been going to court since 1999 with our reports and evidence that are the strategic support that decisively influences the solution of the dispute.

Who uses our litigation support services and for what?

Our services are hired by individuals, law firms and corporate legal advisors.


Our experience and work is focused on obtaining relevant information from those involved in a case and gathering the necessary evidence to be presented in the procedure. We provide information and decisive evidence that we judicially ratify.

Family and Private

We help people.

Our reports are used as valid and decisive evidence in court for the resolution of conflicts in the family and private sphere.

What do they apply to?

People searches

Claim for child custody based on alleged disorderly, nocturnal, asocial behavior

Provision of evidence to support economic claims: alimony and compensatory pensions

Doubtful behaviors

Control of activity of minors, guardianship, guardianship and custody

Inheritance investigations

Reports on the Urban Leasing Law

Drug addiction, gambling, sects, fanaticism

Investigations related to the matrimonial sphere


We have a cross-border intelligence network.

We have a complete international presence integrated into a global network of support centers, which provides extensive international coverage for our clients.

How can we help you?

If you are thinking of linking up with a business partner in another country or in other markets, if you have expatriate staff or other circumstances, it is necessary that you have proven and reliable information.

Check the background of your potential partner and their managers

Information about a foreign or local supplier

Due Diligence Reports

Experts in Latin American markets

Verify contractual compliance

Check the professional activity of expatriate staff

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