Welcome to Zenit Detectives Privados

Who we are?

We are a professional private investigation firm authorized and founded in 1999.

We provide qualified investigation services to companies, individuals and lawyers seeking excellence and efficiency to find answers.

Why choose us?

They choose us because we are discreet, expert and ethical.

Why do you hire us?

They hire us because we build trust.

Why do you recommend us?

They recommend us because we are decisive and competent.

We know that discovering and knowing the truth changes the result, that is why we are focused on the solution to your problem, projecting ingenuity, dexterity and mastery.

ZENIT DETECTIVES PRIVADOS is made up of professionals dedicated to investigating with rigor, training and audacity.

Private investigation in Spain is a recognized and regulated activity, reserved for legally authorized private detectives; being excluded those that lack.

La Ley 5/2014, de 4 de abril, de Seguridad Privada, y su Reglamento, regulan las funciones y actividades de investigación privada y de los detectives privados.

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