Seven out of ten companies that resort to private investigation discover fraudulent dismissals among their employees

For a decade, sick leave has been experiencing a more than considerable increase: specifically, 138% if we take 2023 as a reference and compare it with 2013. An alarming percentage that translates into almost 400 people lost in Spain last year. million days of work due to temporary disability processes, a record figure to date.

The average cost of these leaves is between 8,000 and 13,000 euros when they last for a year, which is undoubtedly bad news for companies, aggravated by the fact that many of them are related to mental health, to which family doctors are paying more and more attention, making it extremely difficult to easily verify.

Although the vast majority of temporary disability processes respond to real problems or ailments, in some cases this is not the case, which is why more and more commercial companies, aware of this fact, hire the services of an investigation agency. so that when certain signs appear, its veracity can be reliably verified.


The private detective, an essential collaborator of companies in labor fraud


A renowned Madrid private investigation firm has carried out an analysis of the work carried out in this field since the middle of last year and its conclusions are certainly worrying: in 70% of the times when companies decided to hire its services when in doubt generated by the attitude of the employees, the dismissals have turned out to be what we could call fraudulent. On some occasions they had even applied to work in other companies without being insured by them.

The work method that characterizes professional investigators includes the monitoring and surveillance of workers, as well as the collection of witness testimonies and images captured by video or photography, scrupulously complying with current legislation to, if necessary, be able to convert the information collected in evidence that is fully valid in court.

Nowadays, proper investigative work is the best tool available to the businessman to ensure that deceptive activities are duly sanctioned and save significant sums of money, which consolidates the role of the private detective as a fundamental collaborator of companies to combat labor fraud among its employees.


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